school start tomorrow 😥 cry cyr cry 😥 have to start first hour (8.15) and the day after an frensh test. All the boys did a followspree to promote soml AND GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t get a follow 😥 5 boys 5 chances and nothing. I have still a tweet limit since 10 am when Louis started his followspree so I couldn’t tweet when Niall, liam and zayn did their followspree 😥 harry did just his followspree and I was able to tweet again but he only followed 3 fans :s DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went also with my granny and brother, cousins to ‘Het pannenkoekenhuis’ XD

now I’m lying on my bed with the keyboard on my lap and I just heard on the radio that Birdy comes to Netherlands

so all veeeery interesting

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