heyyy!! 🙂
I’ve been really buzzy the past 24 hours! The Directioners tried to break the VEVO record now we only have to wait untilz vevo has counted the views but they have 13 mill views subtracted 😦 probably coz we didn’t watch the video for more that 30 sec but m fingers, eyes, toes, legs, arms, hair, feet crossed we broke the record (again)


yeahhh its finally friday!!!!!!! I’m so tired I really needed a weekend. went to amber this noon. when I got home from school I found the new tickets for 1D on the table 🙂 now I’m dowloading some films. does anyone a good film?

have t eat now bye



wow its already thursday. 3 days ‘till the music video of Story of my life comes out. REALLY CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS GONNA BE PERFECT I KNOW!!!!!!! I mean whats better than baby pictures of your heros?  

yesterday were loads of tickets for the One direction concerts on sale. we (amber and I) got better tickets. row 4 in section 107 which is so close to the stage!!!!!! I.m so happy like that song of pharrell williams ya know? BUT yeah there is a but… I’ve to sell the other tickets for the One Direction concert on June 24th in Amsterdam so if you know someone who really wants to go to a 1D concert If the 2 tickets for you!!!!!!!!!!   


and furhter nothing happenend 


byeeeeeeeee xx



hey guys!!!!!!!!!! first day school after autumn break. just a boring schoolday.

when I went to my brothers bedroom to get a dictionary I found something that you not want to find as a sister. further on twitter I found a quote about the sign taurus (I’m a taurus) “Being with #Taurus is like sex.When its good its great, but when its bad, its still pretty good.” I thought it was funny xD I’m compared with sex ;S xD 

now I’m off to bed 



bye the way, there was a HUGE storm tday


school start tomorrow 😥 cry cyr cry 😥 have to start first hour (8.15) and the day after an frensh test. All the boys did a followspree to promote soml AND GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t get a follow 😥 5 boys 5 chances and nothing. I have still a tweet limit since 10 am when Louis started his followspree so I couldn’t tweet when Niall, liam and zayn did their followspree 😥 harry did just his followspree and I was able to tweet again but he only followed 3 fans :s DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went also with my granny and brother, cousins to ‘Het pannenkoekenhuis’ XD

now I’m lying on my bed with the keyboard on my lap and I just heard on the radio that Birdy comes to Netherlands

so all veeeery interesting

back home

hey guuuuyyys I’m back home!!!!!! Loved my holiday in Belgium, it was pretty cold but the sun was shining. We walked A LOT and visited some villages. I’m back since half an hour ago so we’re still unpacking. my mum bought beer for me with my name on it at a castle that was named after a women thats called Anne. I may drink it when I’m 18(maybe a little earlier) go shopping with my mum now

byeeeeee xxx